The Maharshi and His Message

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But there was something more. In his own teachings Sri Ramana Maharshi often quoted, whether in association or confirmation, the writings of the first Shankaracharya, who lived more than a thousand years ago. He considered them unquestionably authoritative. He even translated some of them from one Indian language to another. When the meeting was concluded, but before I left, I took the chance to ask a personal question. A disciple of the Maharshi had come to me and wanted to take me to his Guru. None of those I asked could tell me anything about him, nor had even heard of him.

I was undecided whether to make the journey or not. His Holiness immediately urged me to go, and promised satisfaction. He is still alive and still active in the religious world of Southern India. In my humble belief, he embodies the same high quality of Consciousness which the Maharshi did. The belief is shared by Professor T.

Mahadevan, who was present as an eighteen-year-old student during my first meeting with the Maharshi, and who has ever since remained a devotee of both Mahatmas. Sometimes, as I looked at the figure on the couch, I wondered if he would ever come to England. If so, how would he be dressed, how would he behave in those teeming London streets, how eat, live, and work? But he was uninterested in travelling and so he never came, not in the physical body: what did come was his spirit and mind, which have awakened sufficient interest among the English to make this meeting possible.

Again and again he gave us this teaching, that the real Maharshi was not the body which people saw; it was the inner being. Those who never made the journey to India during his lifetime may take comfort in this thought: that it is possible to invoke his presence wherever they are, and to feel its reality in the heart.

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Ramana Maharshi was one of those few men who make their appearance on this earth from time to time and who are unique, themselves alone--not copies of anyone else--and who contribute something to the world's spiritual welfare that no one else has contributed in quite the same way. Sri Ramana Maharshi is certainly more than a mystic and well worthy of being honoured as a sage. He knows the Real. There are few men of whom one may write with assured conviction that their integrity was unchallengeable and their truthfulness absolute, but Ramana Maharshi was unquestionably one of them. In the twelve years that passed afterwards until his death, I never saw Ramana Maharshi again.

At least a half dozen times I passed within a few miles of his ashram during the part of that period when I was wandering in India. A lump would come into my throat and a choking sensation would seize me as I thought how close we were in spirit and yet so harshly separated by the ill-will of certain men and by the dark shadows of my own karma.

For inwardly I never broke away from him. The criticisms of Ramana Maharshi are deeply regretted: they were occasioned more by events in the history of the ashram than by his own self. It is not possible to make an appropriate amendment, although I had planned to make one in the next book which I hoped to write. But alas! I touch, as in a flash, the meaning of this mysterious universal drama which is being enacted in space, and then return to the primal point of being.

I, the new I, rest in the lap of the holy bliss. I have drunk the Platonic Cup of Lethe, so that yesterday's bitter memories and tomorrow's anxious cares have disappeared completely. I have attained a divine liberty and an almost indescribable felicity. My arms embrace all creation, with profound sympathy, for I understand in the deeper possible way, that to know all is merely to pardon all, but to love all.

My heart is remolded in rapture.

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How shall I record these experiences through which I next pass, when they are too delicate for the touch of my pen? So I seek, all too roughly, to bring back some memorials of the wonderful archaic world which stretches out, untracted and unpathed, behind the human mind. In his wiser moments he may come to know this. Once, in the far days of his own past, man took an oath of lofty allegiance and walked, turbaned in divine grandeur with gods. It today the busy world calls to him with imperious demand and he gives himself up to it, there are those who have not forgotten his oath and he shall be reminded of it at the appropriate hour.

There is that in man which belongs to an imperishable race. He may forget it and entirely go to sleep in the senses, yet on the day when it stretches forth its hand and touches him, he shall remember who he is and recover his soul. Man does not put true value upon himself because he has lost the divine sense.

Carl Jung found Ultimate Light of Knowledge in the Teachings of Maharshi Ramana

Therefore, he runs after another man's opinion, when he could find complete certitude more surely, in the spiritually authoritative center of his own being. The Sphinx surveys no earthly landscape.

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Its unflinching gaze is always directed inwards, and the secret of its inscrutable smile is Self Knowledge. He who looks within himself and perceives only discontent, frailty and darkness and fear, need not curl his lip in mocking doubt.

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Let him look deeper and longer, deeper and longer, until he presently becomes aware of faint token of breath-like indications which appear when the heart is still. Let him heed them well, for they will take life and grow into high thoughts that will cross the threshold of his mind like wandering angels, and these again shall become forerunners of a voice which will come later -- the voice of a hidden, recondite and mysterious being who inhabits his center, who is own ancient Self.

The divine nature reveals itself anew in every human life, but if a man walks indifferently by, then the revelation is as seed on stony ground. No one is excluded from this divine consciousness; it is man who excludes himself. That Life, which brought you birth, O Man, is nobler and greater than you farthest thought. Believe in its beneficent intention towards you and obey its subtle injunctions whispered to your heart in half - felt intuitions.

The man who thinks he may live as freely as his unconsidered desires prompt him and yet not carry the burden of an eventual reckoning, is binding his life to a hollow dream. Whoever sins against his fellows or against himself pronounces his own sentence thereby. He may hide his sins from the sight of others, but he cannot hide them from the all recording eyes of the god.

Justice still rules the world with inexorable weight, although its operations are often unseen and though it is not always to be found in stone built courts of law.

Whoever escapes from paying the legal penalties of earth can never escape from paying the just penalties which gods impose. Nemesis -- remorseless and implacable -- holds such a man in jeopardy every hour. Arunachala Siva. Those who have been held under the bitter waters of sorrow, those who have moved through shadowed years in the mist of tears, will be somewhat readier to receive the truth, which life is ever silently voicing. If they can perceive nothing else, they can perceive the tragic transience which attends the smiles of fortune.

Those who refuse to be deluded by their brighter hours will not suffer so greatly from their darker ones. There is no life that is not made up of the warp of pleasure and the woof of suffering. Therefore, no man can afford to walk with proud and pontifical air.

He who does so takes his perambulation at a grave peril. For humility is the only befitting robe to wear in the presence of the unseen gods, who may remove in a few days what has been acquired during many years. The fate of all things moves in cycles and only the thoughtless observer can fail to note this fact.

Even in the universe, it may be seen that every perihelion is succeeded by an aphelion. So in the life and fortunes of man, the flood of prosperity may be succeeded by the ebb of privation, health may be a fickle guest, while love may come only to wander again. But when the night of protracted agony dies, the dawn of new found wisdom glimmers. The last lesson of these things is that the eternal refuge in man, unnoticed and unsought as it may be, must come from what it was once, -- his solace, or disappointment and suffering will periodically conspire to drive him in upon it.

No man is so lucky that the gods permit him to avoid these two great tutors of the race. A man may feel safe, protected secure, only when he discovers that the radiant wings of sublimity enfold him. While he persists in remaining unillumined, his best inventions shall become his worst impediments, and everything that draws him closer to the material frame of things shall become another knot he must later untie. For he is inseparably allied to his ancient past, he stands always in the presence of his inner divinity and cannot shake it off.

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Timeless in Time. Timeless in Time: Sri Ramana Maharshi. Click cover for larger image. Foreword By Eliot Deutsch.

Description Timeless in Time: Sri Ramana Maharshi is a richly illustrated book on the life and message of an Indian saint of recent times.