Modern Hebrew for Intermediate Students

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The literal meaning is "why, a hat". The phrase is used in spoken Modern Hebrew as an empty intolerant answer to the question "why? Hebrew Magazines.

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Easy to read Hebrew. View Ivrit Magazine.

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Subscription Center. Hebrew now! Stories of our readers. Expression of the week. Common Questions. I can read Hebrew, but only with vowel signs. The texts in the magazine are for learners of three levels: beginners, intermediates and advanced learners. Therefore, some of the texts contain full vowel signs while others contain partial vowel signs.

Modern Hebrew for Intermediate Students : A Multimedia Program -

All the texts in the magazine are accompanied by lists of vocabulary words and their transliterations and translations to English and French with full vowel signs. The texts are all composed and edited for learners, so you can gradually read more and more of the text that have partial vowel signs. For example: every issue contains a dialogue with an everyday life scenario. All dialogues try to imitate the standard spoken Israeli Hebrew that you can hear when Israelis talk.

The magazine also contains short texts about Israeli Hebrew slang words.

Modern Hebrew for Intermediate Students: A Multimedia Program

In addition, speaking in Hebrew about the texts in the magazine with The Jerusalem Post Ivritalk Hebrew tutors is a good way to practice your spoken Hebrew. Students who are beginners can read the one star texts and interpret them with the teachers. The teachers can follow their reading and correct their pronunciation.

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Intermediate students can read the magazine prior to the session, and discuss it with the teachers during the session. Advanced students can apply the vocabulary they learned in the magazine into their conversations with the tutors. They can also contribute their own texts to the magazine. The texts on the digital version of The Jerusalem Post Ivrit are divided into three levels - texts for beginners, texts for intermediate students and texts for advanced students.

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You can identify the level of each text according to the sing above it - one, two or three starts. The texts for beginners have full vocalization signs Niqud , their grammatical structure is simple and some of them are relatively short.


The texts for advanced students have partial vowel signs and their contents and grammatical structures are more complex. Trying to read texts of different levels will give you an idea of what is your current level.

There are 2 levels of Hebrew courses available. Some previous knowledge of the language knowing the alphabet and being able to read a little is acceptable. The courses will be taught in a mixed teaching environment for classroom-based students alongside distance-learning students. Level 1 MEST assumes no knowledge of Hebrew and will start by teaching the alphabet; some previous knowledge of the language knowing the alphabet and being able to read a little is acceptable. Level 3 MEST is an intermediate level language course.

Course units will run for 11 weeks in Semester 1 18 Sept — 28 Jan with a Winter break no classes and 11 weeks in Semester 2 29 Jan - 8 June with an Easter break.

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The course teaches the following skills: 1. Reception reading and listening 2. Production speaking and writing 3.