Micromechanical Photonics (Microtechnology and MEMS)

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They can be used for a variety of purposes, for example for optical switches, and tunable filters and sensors.

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Related products: tunable optical filters , micro-optics. Both manufacturers and distributors can be registered. No products of suppliers with ad package are registered yet for microelectromechanical systems.

These would have a company logo, a detailed product description, a product image. Product entries of suppliers having an ad package are displayed with a logo, product description and product image. Users: if any displayed information is incorrect e.

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Suppliers: you can report modified data using a form, which is provided via the button "Edit profile data" on your company profile page. Users: if any displayed information is incorrect e. Suppliers: you can report modified data using a form, which is provided via the button "Edit profile data" on your company profile page.

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You can obtain ad package for getting a much improved visibility and many more leads. If you are a supplier and want to be listed, please use the registration form.

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An already registered supplier can use a customized form to report the full list of offered photonics products. That form is reachable with a link at the bottom of the supplier's profile page.

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Anyone, not only suppliers themselves, can report additional suppliers. If possible, please provide a web address showing that this supplier indeed offers such products. Sercalo Microtechnolgy was founded in Our skills span the entire process of manufacture: MEMS chip design, fabrication and marketing.

Sercalo has a wide variety of products in the market: a diversity of fiber optical MEMS switches for single mode, multi mode as well as specialty fibers for visible and polarisation maintaing fibers. In he joined the group of Prof. In he founded Sercalo Microtechnology Ltd.

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