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Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. Tijuana Panthers , Genuine Parts. Add to Calendar. View Map View Map. Find out more about how your privacy is protected. Dec Me First and The Gimme Gimmes. Event description. Read more Read less. Share with friends. Map and Directions View Map. Save This Event Log in or sign up for Eventbrite to save events you're interested in. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Sometimes I'll read a book and I won't be able to remember the plot one week later because it was sooo boring and bad and stupid.

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But I read this picture book years ago back in elementary school and after reading it again today, I realized I had remembered it quite vividly. It might have something to do with the stellar illustrations, I'm not sure. I've stated before that I judge picture books on whether or not I'd want to read it to my kids, and this is definitely a keeper. Such a good moral th Sometimes I'll read a book and I won't be able to remember the plot one week later because it was sooo boring and bad and stupid. Such a good moral that will always be relevant to most children.

I'm sort-of a grown up now and I still have the urge to yell "Me first! Me first! Apr 29, Almira rated it it was amazing. If you do story times, and the children enjoy "pig" stories, you can't miss with Me First. I am not sure if this is still in print - "my copy" is a deleted copy from our library system.

I usually read this at least once a story time session. Pinkerton star of the book "was pink, plump and pushy" - always wanting to be first in everything! Until the "sandwitch" educates him. Helen Lester has teamed up with illustrator Lynn Munsinger once again to create "magic". Oct 05, Julia added it Shelves: read This book has Summary: This book follows a very boisterous pig named Pinkerton.

Jan 21, Lisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: ashlandspring This is one of my favorite children's books that is both entertaining and educational. It's a humorous story with fun illustrations that work to teach the lesson that 'first is not always best' as Pinkerton Pig encounters a Sand Witch on a pig scout outing. I love to use this book in the beginning of the year in a series of other read alouds to build the classroom community and routines. This one is specifically for lining up and why we have an ABC line order for the children. The students alway This is one of my favorite children's books that is both entertaining and educational.

The students always think the story and the illustrations are entertaining. May 10, Jana rated it really liked it Shelves: animals , children-fiction , school-themed , children-picture-books , humorous-childrens-books , children-fantasy , social-skills. This fun picture book is a really cute way to start a discussion about good manners, waiting one's turn, and sharing. Pinkerton Pig is always pushing and shoving in order to be first for everything.

One day there is a misunderstanding that leads to him being first for something that he would rather not have at all. Bright, colorful illustrations and humorous text will make this a popular book with young readers. Jun 23, SaraKat rated it it was ok Shelves: animals , juvenile , picture-book , pillars-of-character. I liked the illustrations, but the story irritated me.

The selfish pig only learned his lesson due to extrinsic factors and simply agreed to take turns with others in the future to avoid having to take care of someone. This book was on my school's pillars of character reading list under fairness. I just started a new job as an elementary school librarian, and this book was my first read aloud book to the kids. They all really loved it. It's a good one to get a little bit of interactive feedback from the kids, and the story is fun.

It teaches a good lesson to not always have to be first in line. Dec 15, Abby rated it really liked it Shelves: ed This book is perfect for teaching children that being first is not always the best. I like the creative approach to teaching life lessons to young children. There is a fun twist in the middle of the story that children would not expect.

The language is very easy to understand and follow. The target age of this book is Jun 14, Brian rated it really liked it Shelves: kids-books. We've had this book for awhile and recently my child has wanted to read it every night.

All of the transgressive daring and nuance from Lottie Moggach’s novel has been scrubbed.

This is a good book, but it isn't a night time book. This tries to teach the lesson that being first is not always best and you shouldn't bully people to be first. If your kid is showing signs of bullying, this is a good book to read. For the record, I do not think my child is a bully. Nov 27, Catherine rated it really liked it. I don't know how I missed this book for so many years.

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It is the perfect read aloud for young children when looking to discuss taking turns, caring for others, even misunderstanding a spoken message. It is clever and funny. It makes its message clear without being preachy. It has a permanent spot on m shelves of teacher books to be read for social lessons. Aug 24, Melissa T rated it it was amazing Shelves: childrens-books. Omg, we love the twist in this book.

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The witch is so cute! Feb 28, Kelsie rated it it was amazing. This was a great story to teach the lesson about waiting your turn. I thought the illustrations and story line were both fantastic. Aug 23, Shelby O'Malley rated it it was amazing Shelves: children-s-books. This book is funny and a cute read! It teaches children the importance of waiting their turn and that being first isn't always best. Aug 04, Mary Thomas rated it it was amazing Shelves: pic-favorites. Loved this one as a kid! Sep 11, Megan rated it liked it Shelves: k-2 , picture-books , finished A cautionary tale for those who always insist on being first.

Sep 12, Virginia Puckett rated it really liked it. Goodreads review 3 Summary: Pinkerton was a pig who always had to be first even if he had to push everyone else out of the way.

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He always wanted to be first including on all the activities on his scout field trip. She made him do all her chor Goodreads review 3 Summary: Pinkerton was a pig who always had to be first even if he had to push everyone else out of the way. She made him do all her chores, take care of her, and finally tell her a bedtime story. When it came time to tell the story he could not think of one, so the sandwitch prompted him with a story about a pig who always wanted to be first until he met a wise Sandwitch.

She sent Pinkerton off learning a lesson about how first is not always the best, and he got back just in time to be last on the bus.

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Theme: The Sandwitch showed Pinkerton how first is not always the best and in fact that when you volunteer for something you know nothing about it can be a lot harder than you realize. Greed and selfishness are not always going to get you what you want. Personal Response: Pinkerton never thought about anyone but himself until the Sandwitch came along and made him take care of her. He does not even notice. I think the illustrations show more of the story because it demonstrates how selfishness can hurt those around you too.

Recommendation: I think that this book puts the message right out there, so it is very good for young children to tell them directly what the message is. The vivid illustrations keep the children engaged and you can explain the story and humorous misinterpretation of words. This book will allow for teachers and parents to explain that kids get the whole information about a situation before they agree because it is not always what you think. I think overall the book tells a good and strong message and can be used especially for bold kids who need to learn more about selfishness.

Sep 09, Homegrown Reader rated it it was amazing. We got Me First for my youngest sister, if I remember correctly. I must have been in middle school but I loved how clever it was already and every time I babysat I was thrilled when we got to read it. So we recently acquired one of our own.

The story focuses on Pinkerton, a do-anything-to-be-first kind of pig. He has no trouble getting his hands dirty as long as it means that he is at the front of any line that comes around. This includes doing her chores, powdering her warty nose, and all other tasks to which Pinkerton is unaccustomed.

Helen Lester does a great job of delivering a very clear message to young children in an understandable and amusing way. The story is witty, well-paced, and entertaining enough to encourage both kids and adults alike to read it again and again. Using soft colors but with pictures that seem to explode with context and fun details Munsinger does a really spectacular job.

The appearance of all the characters wear are so expressive that you honestly could probably read the story without any words. We end up focusing on how the sand-witch eats her spaghetti out of a sand bucket but the story does have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Being able to pick all of that up from just pictures is impressive for a two-year-old but it would be impossible without exceptional illustrations.

Then when it showed up in the book it does quite often , I tapped Bug and he shouted it out. It was a great way to let him help me read the story and also keeps young ones engaged. A good lesson book about not always being first. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Content: G. Pinkerton the pig always has to be first for everything. So when his class goes on an outing and he hears someone calling out, "Who would care for a sandwich?

But it turns out what he's actually signed up for is not eating a sandwich, but taking care of a Sand Witch, who insists he do everything from washing her Lester, Helen Me First, illustrated by Lynn Munsinger. But it turns out what he's actually signed up for is not eating a sandwich, but taking care of a Sand Witch, who insists he do everything from washing her dishes to combing the copious hair on her toes. At the end Pinkerton admits that perhaps being first is not always best. Although the moral is a little heavy-handed, the lively illustrations and cute play on "sandwich" vs. It would make a good opener for discussions on whether it's okay to always push to be first in line, first to receive treats, etc.

In fact, a discussion would be very helpful, as the moral could leave some thinking that it's only okay not to go first if it's not advantageous to oneself. Not exactly the selfless, kind-hearted attitude the book seems as if it is trying to instill. Contains a link to a free download of the audio version, which is a nice accompaniment. Reviewer: Caryn Nov 20, Brittany Hastings rated it it was amazing. He thinks that he deserves to be the first to ride the school bus, the first to eat a meal, and the first to do anything fun.

However, to his dismay, he finds that he is mistaken and there is no sandwich. Rather, a witch who lives in the sand was looking for someone to care for her. Pinkerton soon regrets his selfishness when he has to wait on the Sand Witch hand and foot. He soon learns his lesson that being first is not always the best and returns back to his friends at the beach.