Jesus > Religion: Why He Is So Much Better Than Trying Harder, Doing More, and Being Good Enough

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When bad things happen and you trust God, but He never follows through and turns it to good it leaves you broken in a way no human could possibly break you. I can handle having the worst luck in the world. Knowing that God created me specifically to live this life is a cruelty beyond comprehension. Unfortunately even after this article I still believe that if God exist he hates me.

Too many bad things have happened to me for me to believe otherwise. Nellie, I understand why you would feel that way given all that you have been through. I hope that you will be able to find the resources you need to seek healing and wholeness in your journey. I wish you peace and comfort during this difficult time. Tell that to the dying from starvation kids of Ethiopia and war torn countries. God may hate us, or God may love us, but the answer is so what? And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. That is contradictory to the way I was raised, but I agree with you.

At 52 I have nothing to look back on but emotional pain, desperation, depression, loneliness, stress… this list goes on. It actually makes me hope there is no god or gods but rather, just randomness. I do not wish to believe in a deity deities that would choose to bless some and not others. And, I look forward to nonexistence. Hi ,I lived a life of hardship too. God loves us. To see from your perspective as well, but so much younger pains me. Where am I? I feel so much more different than what I thought I was. I feel like this too. I am not concerned if there is an afterlife and hope that there isnt, because it will just be another level of learning and suffering.

No more pain, just a loss of consciousness. The peace of sleep. As far as I see it, Gods are not worth chasing after. So praying to them to relieve pain and sickness is an utter waste of time. They have no concept of it. My pain and suffering have reached such extreme levels that they have shattered the illusion of a loving God. The ultimate vivisectionist, as C. Lewis put it. You are wrong when you say that God does not know what it means to be human and have physical pain.

He was God on earth in the flesh but his words to humanity are ignored or misunderstood. When you die you will be in far worse pain and torment than you can imagine if you do not believe and accept the price Jesus paid for you when He died on the cross. It is for every humans suffering that Jesus came, died, and rose again. Yes God is in control of everything and allows pain and suffering but few ever take the time to be humble and simply ask him why. I actually have asked and he answered. Many just get angry and never take the time to find out who God really is and why things are the way they are in this world.

One of the first things that God showed me when I started asking him why is that from the beginning he wanted a being he could fellowship with that was somewhat like Him. He gave humans the ability to have choice which His other creatures he created dont have. Our choices and choices of those before us brought pain and suffering into the world. We choose our way most times and just complain and blame God without ever even looking to Him for real help because we expect that help to come the way we think it should or we expect God to make our lives better in the way we think it should be made better.

All the while God has given instructions to human kind to follow and because he knows our pain and suffering he sent His Son to open the door of communication with him that is closed when we choose to do things our own way and not His. God did live in a human body in Jesus. Jesushimself said he and father God were one together. To this day Jesus has the marks of his crucifixion on his body. He really did die and come back to life.

Why would he do that? The human that he created you, me, all of us. If you never have please read the Bible specifically the book of John. Jesus spoke in a lot of parables but he also spoke plainly about who he was why he came to earth and what he expects of people. Hell is eternity without God. It is judgement never meant for humans. We choose whether we go there or not. As evil as this world is God is still present with man and still an active part of his creation.

He lets men make choices and does not control us like a puppet master. His presence is still in this world. There is still good working along side evil in this world because his presence is here but when his presence is removed evil takes complete control. Hell is a place where his presence is known of but the good is completely gone forever. Hell is judgement for the rebellious Lucifer and all the demons that followed him. The only way to go there is to choose the same rebellion….. Please read what Jesus said in the Bible. He explained everything. There are several of us who have done everything you have said.

God has been very transparent with why He has tortured me the way He has. The real irony is He is teaching me most about how selfish He is. Even your whole rant is all about what God wanted, at the expense of us humans. And although Jesus became human to atone for our sins, I struggle with his example. Nowhere did it talk about him calling out to God in pain for decades and God never answering.

Jesus also had support, He had friends, He had family. But they were also there for him, how could Jesus every understand to know what its like to spend you whole life without that. And with a God who left them alone and rejected. Maybe God is using those trials to help you to love Him! Jesus said in the gospel of John that He came to seek and save the lost. Luke I disagree when you claim humans created exclusions and labels. Women, people of color, gays, anyone different were treated like slaves and this is promoted in the divine scriptures. God created human along with human nature knowingly and willingly to torture some.

People believe in God as a coping mechanism because deep down inside they know such entity does not exist and things never do get better. I believe God hates me too, I have suffered with mental illness naturally and also brought on by tons of abuse, I cant seem to compleatly turn my life over I stumble almost every chance I get. I came tonight to go to a gsthering to honer Jesus death and feel like God threw me out I was sooooo uncomfortable and in sooo much pain physicaly too. This has happened on more than one occasion me trying to go to church feeling all tormented and.

Here I sit out in the car while I wait for everone to get done for my ride home. I am so sorry you are feeling this way, and that even a house of worship did not feel like a safe space for you to be. I encourage you to seek out any form of support you can find, particularly if you are feeling like you want to harm yourself or someone else. Some good places to look especially if church feels too painful for you right now would be in your local hospitals, community mental health centers, or counseling centers. You will be in my prayers. For that, there are fates worse than death, and hospitals are one of them.

Leanna your only advise to everyone here is to seek some help from others. Just so you are aware, this does not help anyone. Dear the forever lost child, if it is painful for you to sit through church, this could be a sign that you have a deeper spiritual warfare going on that you are not aware of. I would also suggest talking to a priest. God hates me show much as well. It must be terribly painful to go through what you are experiencing, Graham. I am truly sorry that you are feeling this way, and that you have not been able to find any relief for your suffering.

I am concerned for you, and would strongly encourage you to reach out to a helping professional — perhaps a counselor, a physician, or a pastor that you know — and ask for help. If you feel like you are in danger of hurting yourself, please go to your closest Emergency Room or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at Leanna, what is wrong with suicide? If someone chooses to die it is their choice. We all have to die sometime and if we are miserable why not choose yourself how and when? Instead of being force to live a horrible painful life? Obviously God does not care so why should we?

Leanna, that phone number exists so they can call the authorities to take away your freedom. They track your phone number from previous calls and build a file on you. Say one wrong thing and the cops show up and take you to the men with white coats. They suck. I agree with Barbara. The problem is that suicide can fail. There needs to be legislation that allows people to be euthanized if they want to die. Do you want to chat with me because I actually feel the same way.

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Hence ,why I am here. I think things may seem brighter soon. I believe there is a Good God who loves you and cares about you. And a Devil who is trying to destroy you. You are in a war. There is a lot of unknown stuff going on. As simple as it can be. God is good and the Devil is bad. Faith is a choice to believe. Make a choice to believe in what you want in life. Start to speak it to yourself. As I speak to you I speak to myself. Our words are powerful. Call yourself a winner. Stand up and fight for yourself.

Be careful with your thoughts and the words out of your mouth. What you think, and what you speak is what your going to get. This is how we fight the Devil with positive thoughts and positive words found in the Bible. How convenient. What sense does that make.

God is all powerful. But it is the fault of one of his creations? Where do I sign up? How about realizing that God and Satan are two cheeks of the same arsehole? What, you think he contracted out the building and running of Hell to someone else? But he creates good and evil, by his own words. OK I would have to say God hate us. If an infinite God can do anything created everything down to subatomic particles, stars, black holes and even the notion of time, dimension even the notion of good versus evil would not exist without his bidding. He made it like this.

We are just toys that got thrown away after the funs been had…. Just look at his kingdom description in revelation, the one about his throne in heaven not the one on earth. After all we are made in his image so we naturally crave deityhood. It just comes off to me as a universal case of do-as-i-say-not-as-i-do type of thing.

Prince S. I have a couple major projects going on and need good people! God is very mean. You are 22!! Have you actually read the Bible — the entire way through? And it is easy when you stop blaming God for all the problems other humans create. Do you know anything about attraction? God gave people physical desires and each person is unique in that way.

Frankly I find it insulting that when people who are dying of cancer of suffering of starvation and poverty and they still have faith, you are whining about a girl not liking you back. I personally am agnostic but I was raised in a very religious household and my dad is a pastor. I have read the Bible many times over.

I was homeless as a teen and have had to starve at times. I stopped believing in God because scientifically there is no proof. I am not an atheist because I cannot prove that there is no God. So I am agnostic. You have your entire life ahead of you. Did you ever think that God has other plans for you? Maybe they are better than you could possibly imagine! Maybe you will meet someone you care for ten thousand times more! Also, read the bible. There are many more girls. Work on improving YOU. Get a good education so you can have a good job in our modern economy.

What do you want to be? Maybe you want to be a truck driver, or a plumber, or a carpenter, or a writer, or painter, or photographer, or a teacher, lawyer, computer programmer, or anything else. But with women come threats to the wealth you will gain, so be cautious; women have ruined many men financially; many women are good, but you must be careful.

I wonder how many of the stories on this page about the misery people are living through, are caused by poor choices those people made, and how many of those people are willing to admit at least to themselves , that they are responsible for their own misery. Scott Peck. One of the most powerful pages ever written on the face of this earth. That page is pure truth. I wish that for just one day you could stand inside their shoes and for just that one moment they could be you! You two are like a farmer who expected that God should sow his grain for him.

If the farmer should not plow, not sow, and not reap, should he then curse God that he is hungry? And what of the martyrs that faced torture and death but maintained their faith in God? Did they accuse God of being mean or of tantalizing them? Spare me the myth of the talking snake and eating an apple.

Yeah, well men are crazy and the sure can be a detriment to a woman. If all of your experiences with women are bad, than the problem lies with you, quit picking bad women, problem solved. Why is Adam always seen as a victim? He also chose to sin. He could have held out and God would have given him another wife. He blew it, too. The martyrs should have accused God of being mean. He is mean. Those people suffered and died for an all-powerful God who could have stopped it at any moment. What a jerk. But there is also the farmer who has his crop wiped out by pestilence or drought.

Or fire. Or flood. Children born blind, disabled, etc. People plagued by cancer. He just seems really mean. Jesus said he was coming soon. God only loves and does for who he wants. People worship him and he spits in their face daily. Ask the children who are repeatedly raped. Ask people who beg God for some relief and he does nothing. But yet child molesters, dope dealers and rapists get whatever they want.

But a five year old little girl can beg God to stop being raped and he does nothing. Oh, ya, but God loves you! I so relate to the comments. I am turning 51 in a few days and the only deep desire I have had Is to marry and have a child. I have prayed my whole life for this. I have tried my best to be obedient to God and serve him. We are suppose to trust that His plan for us is the best one.

Then I look at my sister who is not a Christian and has a wonderful husband and two beautiful children. Please explain about this loving God?? As we can see, nobody has the answers to our pain and torture. The bottom line is if you love somebody, you show it. People I love never have to question my love. We Deserve a answer from our father as to his silence to our cries. Answers like why do you give us 60 years to get it right but satan gets a planet to rule , rape, and ruin our lives, with us under his whip for thousands of years?

Havnt humanity suffered enough? Guess not. I just wish he would explain this to us not as a god but as a father,but good luck with that. Put infinite power into the hands of an ordinary person and bad things will happen. What is the saying? Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

He projects a public persona that is loving and wonderful. I think most of the horrors of our lives is just for his entertainment.

Jesus>Religion: Why He is So Much Better than Trying Harder, Doing More, and Being Good Enough

Have you tried finding the amazing lady you want to marry. Sometimes God wants us to wait to be blessed sometimes he wants us to work to be blessed. I love God with all my heart.

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I want Him to be in my life but he keeps failing me. I trust only on him but does He even foe once think of me? I pray, i fast, i am born again but God hates me and want to dissapoint me everytime. I read His word n believe in it but nothing written there ever works for me. It is hard for me coz all my hope, trust n faith i put in Him but i guess he feel happy seeing me suffer. Why should i suffer if Jesus died for me? God may laugh at the Wicked , not you. If you are keeping his word. You will be blessed do not only think about this life.

Unfortunately evil exists not Just Jehovah.. This is a sad case where misery does not love company, because it. Yet, I too firmly believe the more I pray, the worse things become in my life. I too wonder where the loving God is. I abused myself as a result of these experiences. I ask God to take me home ever day and know one day I will simply end it. I even had therapists abandon me. I have lived in housing that triggered my symptoms and my dreams are gone. I am middle aged now and have never had a bf.

I do pray for others as I am able but I am tired of everything. I take responsibility for my own errors but anyone who knows the pain of incest knows how it can devastate your life. I look at what others have and at the daily struggle I cover up and am sick of it all. Churches I found to be judgmental places. I have zero hope for my life. God destroyed it all and let satan torture me and I hate Christianity and its promises.

Why Jesus Is Greater Than Religion -- Spoken Word

Good luck to all those suffering we all need it. Some people may not understand but I do , I actually get it. I hope you receive All your blessings. So many similar to what I am feeling and going through. No matter how I try to get away. I have been ill most of my life. My youth was stolen from me. I have been homeless.

Book Review: Jesus > Religion by Jefferson Bethke

I have been poor my entire life, regardless of how hard I work. I even went to jail because I tried to defend myself when he was in an alcohol and drug fueled rage. I have been made fun of and laughed at. I have never felt love or security in my life. Now I have just recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor. I just had to let God go. The more I pray, the worse it gets. Nothing good has ever happened to me. Even the smallest of tasks are difficult.

All hope is lost, and no one can help. Even knowing you all are suffering too, I am still alone. Talk to me , I understand completely.. But God honestly does love us. Try thanking God different ways. Have a blessed day. About every other day now I think dead is better. That in spite of the horrors of our world, after life people will be happy with God?

Which is it? But God never taught us to destroy deserts or not use them to our benefits, it is humans who decided to exclude ugly creations out of their world when in practice, ugliness can be more useful than beauty. Reading through all these comments is heartbreaking, and I searched this for the same reason as everyone else — suffering.

Praying and hoping for something to change, a lifetime of sadness and people who are cruel and unjust. I was thinking while reading this, some people do have an advantage, but, what if the point is to start to live our lives for other people. What if the way out is thinking about what we can do for other people and what WE can do for God, instead of only what he can do for us? It is supposed to be a relationship. Seems pretty one sided if we want to take from him but never give.

He wants love too. There are things he wants accomplished on this earth just like we want things in our lives. We are supposed to be his servants. What if all the people in this world who were alone, depressed, abused, etc…. If you ask God what you can do for him, the answer is almost always to help others. Especially in these days. Loving YOU? Who is responsible to do this? We all are, even us who are suffering. Should we be upset that others are happy? I was just thinking, maybe, part of being blessed by the Lord, starts with blessing others.

You could be the answer to another persons prayers, and in doing so, gain more joy in your own life. I understand so many of us struggle with being shy, being afraid because we have been hurt and betrayed so many times, feeling uncomfortable around new people etc… I have this problem too. I am now at the point where I have no friends and no family but one child.

I finally walked away from the last few people I had, because they are so toxic and abusive. I want to be around healthy, kind, loving people who love the Lord and try to behave how he says to. Not people who project, manipulate, are full of rage. I am afraid to try to meet people though, I am shy and a lifetime of emotional, psychological and verbal abuse has beat me down and taken my confidence. The Lord will start to give it back to you. I am still to afraid to go out and meet people, but, I know I can ask the Lord all day to magically give me friends, but what I need to ask him for is confidence and courage.

Jesus > Religion

I think the Lord blesses this attitude. I am going to try it. I also believe that he allows trials and they either strengthen us and improve our character, or they can destroy us. Think of it this way — the devil wants your trials to destroy you and cause you to turn away from God, and from truth, and God wants you to overcome, seek him and gain eternal rewards. Who do you want to side with? The one who loves you and is rooting for you to win, or the one who hates you and is rooting for you to fail?

God bless you all. If I could meet or be with any of you, I would be your friend, and I love you. May the Lord bless and protect all who read this. Through all my life of suffering, I am currently suffering the most I ever have, and it is easier than in the past because, this time I realized to ask the Lord regularly for these things: strength, endurance, peace, joy, patience, faith, love, hope, understanding and wisdom. You can ask the Lord for a job, money, a spouse, friends, etc…. You will get sad again, and the pain will return, but it will be less often, and more bearable.

Please try asking him for those things, daily. Please search out people who need someone to encourage them. I wish more people did that, and then maybe I would have at least one person I could count on in addition to Jesus. I am going to seek first the kingdom of heaven, and trust that then all those things will be added to me. If you made it this far and think, hum, she may have a point, then also please pray and seek more truth, because the time is coming for the final days.

My life actually became so terrible because I had dreams from the Lord about the last days, and when I tried to share with the people I know, they became enraged. You have seen this irrational hatred in the Bible. It is here now too. Maybe it is the devil who hates you, not God. Not maybe, it is. He wants to keep you from God, heaven, rewards, blessing others. God bless you! This was awesome and I really needed this right now. I thank Jesus for placing these words in you to share with us…because they really and truly spoke to me.

I also pray that everything gets better for you and you can overcome your fears and insecurities. Keep on pushing, praying, believing, and putting your faith in the Almighty Father. Again thank you for these words. There is no Satan, Neither is their god ,that is the truth. Ruthless People Win ,Emotional People loose, serving others will not get you god ,it will get you a terrible death Like the one my mother got. Why did god make me a boy? Or why did he give me this personality to crave it?

Who knows. I prayed everyday but still nothing. He likes seeing me suffer I guess. Being ugly is the most hurtful thing on earth. It leaves you wondering why God created you. It hurts. And God doesnt answer ur prayers if you are ugly. It is just too very bad that most of the women of today are Nothing at all like the women in the old days were since it was definitely very easy meeting a good woman back then with No Trouble at all. Women today unfortunately have certainly Changed since then which is very sad.

Interesting that this article mentions homosexuality as a reason why people think God hates them, and then has the audacity to say that the reason for this is human cruelty. It sounds like people are blaming God for everything just because he is the creator. Jesus Christ was perfect and held up the sins of the world before he did making him a man of sin who never sinned. Faith without works is dead. He might just be waiting on ME and his hand will follow once I start.

Look at yourselves. The enemy feeds off us turning away fRom god. Hell was never for us. As much as I can hate myself or ask him why I can never deny my father. Our wants and what we need are different and god knows what we need. You have no clue at all what people are doing or not doing. God has left me in the dessert. No one wants me after I lost my job of 14 years. God is not with me on these interviews He loves to watch me fail.

He laughs at me. He must get a kick out of seeing my time wasted. I have forgiven my enemies. That is what Jesus wants me to do. But where is God now? God hates me a lot. I had 9 back surgeries, both hips replaced, a knee replaced, several shoulder operations and a total shoulder replacement. I also had two heart attacks. I was a Shipping worker for Company X, and I gave that place 20 years of impeccable service, starting there when I was 18 years old.

I lost that, along with 20 years of service. This caused permanent, irreversible spinal nerve damage to develop and make me disabled for the rest of my life. I was terminated from Company X and put on Disability. I filed a workers compensation lawsuit against Company X because I fell off the dock and tore two discs in my lumbar spine. My attorneys dragged my case out ten years, hoping I would suffer a third heart attack and die.

God was letting all these things being done to me, one after another for all these years. Yes, God hates me with a passion. He blessed my crooked doctors, and he blessed my crooked attorneys who were paid off. This is how I was screwed by even my attorneys, and God let it all happen. God could have kept these people honest and get me a decent settlement. Better yet, God could have kept the first back surgeon I saw honest and operate on me before permanent spinal nerve damage developed.

But, because these surgeons were paid off, they lied and they all fluffed me off, dragging my situation out for almost a year before I finally had surgery. But, it was too late and the nerve damage became permanent. None of this had to happen, if God loved me, but He hates me!!! At age 7, I can remember fighting angels at night.

Just like Jacob. I woke each morning in a sweat. I was exhausted. My life was hard every day and school was an awful experience of fights and rejection. I was rejected by my father who beat me and my family rejected me as well. The only exception was my grandmother who taught me the value of never giving up and the love of food.

I became a chef and stayed in kitchens until I was 40 years old. My days were filled with unending work. I knew God placed every roadblock imaginable in front of me. No promotions. No relief from financial burden. No relief from a sick marriage. No acceptance from my family and no friends. No amount of college or hard work took the 10 ton Rick off my shoulders. I talked to God and frankly I heard his voice. I am not delusional. I asked for relief and God said no. I am not kidding. Then when I turned 56 things suddenly changed in a period of one week. The 10 ton rock was gone and God said to me that I have had enough pain and God told me I was humble enough to be free.

He gave me several talents but also told me that I was not special.

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  • God did not give me any more explanation than that. So, 50 years of suffering was what God gave me. I feel a certain sense of peace each day. He evaluates and sets us free for reasons or no reasons. No one ever prepared me for what God really is. God is not a good God. He is like us but has tremendous power. He can multitask and attend to all living beings. God is without religion. He applies pain and relief to all as he sees fit. God hates humans. We r created in his image so he must be uglier than sin. But he does because he is evil. Your book of short stories tells you that.

    God is good and evil the story says but it is wrong. He is so EVIL. He is also a liar. Did anyone die???? Because god is a lying! Your life story is interesting. Some truth and some lies. It does make sense that hard things in life are like a purification process. Like gold and fire. Ron says all things work for our good. The process and outcome work for your good. You are in the hand of God. No one is going to take you out. What do you want to change in your life? Speak to your Mountain and command it to be cast into the sea.

    Leave your emotions out. Walk in faith and not by site. What you say is what you get. Guard your mouth. Be positive all the time. Keep putting yourself, your life, and all situations in Gods hands. He will work it all out for you. Your a winner. I also feel the same pain that you guys are going through.

    Throughout my life I have never experienced happiness, raised in poverty and sometimes hardly nothing to eat in a day bt I believed everything was to change when I grew up. I came to realise that God has his special people that were well created of whom he has eliminated sufferings and to others like me suffering is the main topic of each day….

    I ve reached a point where my heart cannot take it anymore and I ask him to relieve me from all this and take me away but instead he makes each day for me unbearable to live. Ask him daily for a break through, funny i was reading the comments made by many people, and i thought about how difficult things are in Africa for many people ,black people, especially some arab people also ,i attend an African church in the U.

    S, many of the church goers are people doing well. Why does that god hate me so much.. He allows it.. I think God only loves certain people. And i am not one. I have prayed and prayed and prayed nothing ever gets answered. It is to the point I am afraid to pray for others afaid something bad will hapoen to them because I prayed.

    If God truly loves and cares for us then why can he not answer 1 prayer we ask in his name. I grew up in church so i pray the way I was taught. But nothing!!!! I googled the question in the first place because I was completely discouraged and giving up on God as a loving Father. It seems like the comments can be divided into two groups: 1- those who believe that God is against them, no matter what they pray, do or believe. But God does not answer their prayers and it seems that things may even become worse. Therefore, if I want to feel love, I must give love — or whatever else it is that my heart feels desperate for.

    I must give it first. How to reconcile both viewpoints? It is very hard to reconcile a belief about an all powerful God allowing continued suffering for those who are seeking him for relief for that suffering. If we believe he hears us than why does it seem he ignores us or turns his back on us? That is a most discouraging place to be in. It is why many who responded with this deep hurt, desire death. However, many commenters do not have faith that he is a rewarder because they have sought him, and he did not reward them — being that he did not answer their prayers.

    Therefore, God must hate them after all. I think it means to make God happy. In the sense that I make God happy when I come to him and trust him — no matter what happens. I will trust that he is a keeper of his word and sees the bigger picture that he is building in us. When I get discouraged, I am often reminded of the man Jesus healed, who was blind since birth.

    John In the end, when the man saw Jesus, who had healed him, he believed in him and worshipped him. This event tells me that God knows and allows our circumstances. This event tells me that some people suffer exceedingly through no fault of their own. This event tells me that those who suffer externally are often severely rejected by others as well.

    Because when he saw Jesus, the man received him and worshipped him — not as a God who hated him and allowed all his suffering — but he saw Jesus as a God who had been with him through all his suffering. So again, to reconcile the idea that yes — it is important to love, reach out, forgive, be generous, work for, serve, etc God and others — — and that yes, we can do these things and still feel that God is against us and continues to allow our suffering — What is the reconciliation?

    What is the solution? Like the man who was blind since birth. I do not understand what You are doing or why, but I will trust You anyways.


    Life is short and You have not forgotten nor forsaken me. If you answer my prayers, I will believe that you love me; but if you do not answer my prayers, I will believe that you love me. You Lord, know the whole picture. Life is but a breath and it is gone. I cannot keep myself in faith, but You Lord, abide faithful and I will trust You.

    If I am like the blind beggar, than so be it. I look forward to your coming and I will rest in you. Strange about the blind beggar i am having an issue with my eyes and may need intervention at some point ,but i ask God why now??? I was emotionally and sexually abused as a child. I was born ugly, ungifted, unloved, and unwanted. I have been poor all my life.

    When I thought it was finally my turn to be happy, my husband turned out to be an abusive meth addict. Bad things happen to me all the time. Recently I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. They did a craniotomy to remove part of it. All my life, I have prayed, tried to be a good person, tried to be a good citizen, followed the rules and the laws, worked hard to try to better myself. All for naught. Listen to that voice, then follow it right to the feet of Jesus. Bob Goff, author of bestselling book Love Does You will find yourself challenged to look past prejudice, habits, and traditions and rediscover the person you fell in love with in the first place: Jesus.

    Buckle up It will open the eyes of readers of all ages and strengthen the faith of those chasing after the greatest leader this world has ever known. Governor Mike Huckabee, syndicated TV and radio host, and bestselling author Thinkers and seekers and questioners start here. Wrestle it out. You can t walk away from these provocative pages unmoved. Ann Voskamp, author of bestselling book One Thousand Gifts". View more by Jefferson Bethke.