Economics of Organization

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Organizational Economics

It seeks to promote an understanding of many complex phenomena by examining such matters from a combined law, economics, and organization perspective … Find out more. Latest articles Judgment-Contingent Settlements. Social Norms and Legal Design. Most read Juvenile Delinquency and Conformism.

Master 2 in Economics of Markets and Organizations (international track)

Incomplete Contracts: An Empirical Approach. The Emergence of the Corporate Form. Most cited The quality of government. The institutional environment for multinational investment. Editor's Choice Legal Rasputins?

However, the shareholders, who may be unaware of these plans, want higher profits now. In other words, the shareholders want jam today while the senior management wants jam tomorrow. What will happen if senior management goes ahead with its plan, but the shareholders do not know?

The Economics of Organization and Coordination An Introduction

There will be a problem. Contact theory studies how we construct contractual arrangements. In most cases, we make these arrangements with asymmetric information.

Asymmetric information exists when one person in a contract or negotiation has more information than another. Economists commonly categorize contract theory within a field we call Law and Economics. DOI: An organization is an organized group of individuals with a common goal.

Economics of Organizations and Management